Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Getting Started With Email Marketing & Social Media

Start by looking at your website’s traffic and how visitors behave on your site. How many unique visitors do you get a month? How long do they stay on your site? What are your top-20 referral sources? Then look at your social media and do the same: how many fans or followers do you have? What are they most interested in about you?

Are You Making The Most of Your Facebook Page?

So you know you want to enter social media but you are not yet sure where to start? Consider Facebook. Why? Because Facebook is the largest of the social networks (it boasts more than 500 million active users).

You can't really stay off of Facebook if you want to be in front of consumers where they spend time. And chances are that if your target market is social, they are spending a lot of time each day updating and checking their Facebook page. If you are not there and your competition is, they will be interacting with your customers while your company is not represented.

Social Networking Terminology

You hear the terminology all around, but do you really get what it all means? Do you need a Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook or blog? Do you know what Geolocation and Geotagging are? How about Gowalla, HootSuite or LinkedIn, and what to do with them? You wouldn’t travel the world without a valuable glossary of the local terms for what you need most, so don’t travel the internet without knowing what all these terms are about.

Great LA Blogs to Enjoy

Los Angeles SkylineWhich local blogs do you keep up with and enjoy? The great thing about blogs is that they keep you informed on what matters to you and the other folks who enjoy them share your interest. But what are the best blogs in Los Angeles and why should you care? Of course that is subjective and depends on your interests. So why should a business owner care about popular blogs?

Relationship Marketing - Steps 3 & 4

#3. Be ready to commit some of your staff's time to a relationship marketing campaign using social and interactive media.

It is going to require someone's time to develop the program and integrate it into your ongoing sales efforts.  You have to be committed to its success by having a reliable contact at your company quickly respond to your consumers.

#4. Get your sales team on board and involved with your relationship marketing efforts.

Relationship Marketing - Steps 1 & 2

#1. Determine what action you want the recipient of your campaign(s) to take.

Design a marketing plan that will result in more people taking that action.  If you are using a service provider, ask them to help you define the action that you want in order for the campaign to be worth your investment.  Brainstorm on the most effective solutions

Social Media Management

Social media is an emerging field and therefore everyone thinks they are an expert.  But this is not the case. The fact is that social media is fairly young and it is a powerful tool to achieve certain goals. But it can also be a time sink if you don't have specific goals you are trying to achieve.  The key to social media is limiting the time spent on the medium and creatively engaging your contacts to bring them to your site or your products whenever possible.

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