Sales & Marketing Analysis

Sales & Marketing Analysis

Female Marketing

For many years our company has been presenting information on the female consumer and how important it is to capture her “mind share” and how elusive she can be. With female consumers representing 85% of purchases in a household (all purchases, not just household items) she is no longer a smart market to ignore. However, many companies still ignore her unique requirements. We teach you how to identify the female consumer you will be the most successful with and also how to adjust your marketing effort to capture her sale.

Customer Service

Customer ServiceHow are your phone inquiries and emails being handled? If you have not had an expert look at your customer service department lately you may be limiting your sales. The easiest sale you will ever make is a future sale to satisfied customers. Are you checking in to see how satisfied your customers are? Our training program shows your customer service department how to think of themselves as an integral part of your sales team as well.

Sales Training

Sales TeamYour sales team is your bloodline. If they are discouraged or not feeling like they can compete in a market, your sales will be negatively affected. But what keeps them learning more about how to increase their market in a down economy? Our sales training program helps them see their company through your customers eyes.

Can a change in attitude change your sales?

Definitely.  Working as a marketing consultant, I am sometimes asked to work with a sales team to supercharge them when they seem to be losing momentum.  Why me?  Because my objectivity puts the sales team at ease and allows them to be honest without editing their ideas and feelings.  They know that management is investing in them and wants cooperation since they are prioritizing their team.

Sales & Lead Analysis and Sales Training

Anything can be accomplished with an unlimited marketing budget, but that is not the real world of business.  Buying market share is expensive, so it is key that the marketing team understand what would make a program a success for the client. It is our job to determine your marketing goals and challenges before we design your marketing program or communication method.  With every step of our program we measure the progress in order to make sure that your goals are achieved.

Market Research Consulting

Market Research Reveals Your Benefits

Who knows you better than your customers? Sometimes it's actually your sales staff, other times it's your competition. Through market research, we can identify the unique benefits to focus on about your product and then create materials that emphasize that difference. That same market outline keeps the rest of the creative team on target to create a more effective tool.

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