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Website & Online Marketing

Online PresenceYour website is your calling card 24/7. However today it can be so much more. Designed correctly, your website can implement action items that transform the consumer from passive to an active shopper. We can help your website become two way communication with your market. We can also help you learn a lot more about how your market is using your website and how to direct the traffic where you want them to go on a daily basis.

New Media

From search engine marketing (SEO) to search engine marketing (SEM) to blogs, clouds and social media.

Relationship Marketing - Steps 1 & 2

#1. Determine what action you want the recipient of your campaign(s) to take.

Design a marketing plan that will result in more people taking that action.  If you are using a service provider, ask them to help you define the action that you want in order for the campaign to be worth your investment.  Brainstorm on the most effective solutions

Tune Up Your Website - Suggestion 3

Improve your Website # 3
Do your calls to action address prospective customers at each stage of the buying cycle?

Ken Cranes Home Entertainment, Website

City and State: 
Torrance, West LA, Encino, Pasadena, Hawthorne, Westminster
Home Entertainment Audio/Video Retail
Target Market: 
Men and women looking for a TV, audio system, home theater accessories and furniture
Website and online advertising, in-store promotions, email marketing

Ken Cranes WebsiteWhen Ken Crane's Home Entertainment wanted a website, they were unhappy with a firm that had been working on their site for a year with no results.  The goal of the site was to teach the public about the benefits of Ken Crane's stores and to help the store appeal to a younger market that was not as familiar with their brand.

Be aware of "no follow" links

Looking to link your way to the top of Google? Be aware of "no-follow" links.

Site linking is a good way to increase your web traffic and improve your search results with Google. But keep in mind that not all site linking will directly get you traffic.

Google developed the concept of the "no-follow" link. "No-follow" code is inserted into your link and instructs the Google spider to ignore it. The "no-follow" link is used most commonly in blog comments and forum posts.

Rate Your Home Page: Suggestion #1

How does your home page measure up?
This is the first of 10 suggestions on improving your home page and how it works for your market.

Does your home page clearly communicate what your company does and the audiences that you serve? Remember, first impressions count and you have about 3 seconds to impress visitors to your site before they move on to someone else. Make sure that your home page is welcoming and easy to navigate. Also make sure it gives visitors a reason to keep coming back.

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