Marketing Strategy for Web Content & Copywriting

Marketing Strategy for Web Content & Copywriting

The Kitchen Warehouse, Website Design & Maintenance

City and State: 
Los Angeles, CA
Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
Target Market: 

The Kitchen Warehouse Website

ComScore Announces Top 50 US Websites

ComScore has published their top 50 US Websites for March and there are some expected and unexpected trends that should interest companies looking to increase their market share. Green sites were up 11% from the previous month (no surprise with Earth Day timing) and their growth seem to be making rapid gain as consumers search for products and services they feel better about buying. Other top performers like travel sites and car rental websites were up with Spring break. Yahoo beat out Google.

Dr. Kaplan, Online Ads & Tracking

City and State: 
Torrance, CA
Plastic Surgery
Target Market: 
Women and Men 45+
Website Ads/Google Analytics

Dr. Kaplan Online Ad

Grow Your Business in 2011

2011 PlanningThe New Year is just about on us. So ask yourself, “What will I do to retain my market share and grow my business in 2011?”

Doing your own Market Research

Yelp LogoWhen you want to know how your potential customers view your company, you can start by just searching for your company online. Immediately, you will learn what others see when they do the same. Notice how many good comments there are in comparison to bad on social directory sites like Google Places or Does the listing represent you and what your company has to offer? See if your online advertising is working. Do you pay for listings on or other websites?

Where is the Most Important Information on Your Website?

Above-The-Fold website contentGetting your company’s website to the top of the search engines is one thing, but it’s actually more important to make sure that your website is useful. Is it actually what people are looking for?

People are busy. They’ve already taken the time to open their web browser, type in “”, and type in their search query. How much time will they spend on your site?

Paid Search Campaigns

Paid search - such as Google AdWords or Yahoo! Sponsored Search - is a process and does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. When you hire our company to manage your account you will have hard evidence that our methods improve your results and increase your sales. That is because our method ties with your website and SEO to give you the most qualified leads for your paid search campaign. While there are lots of companies out there that make your claim, we stick around to prove it.

Keyword Paid Search - Does it Work?

Retargeting - Is it right for you?

Are you interested in reaching people who visit your website again after they have left?  Retargeting may be exactly what you are looking for to get your message received more than once.  The technology allows you to identify visitors to your website and make sure they see your ad on other sites that they visit.  It will seem to them like you are a significant size since you seem to be everywhere they look.

Relationship Marketing - Steps 3 & 4

#3. Be ready to commit some of your staff's time to a relationship marketing campaign using social and interactive media.

It is going to require someone's time to develop the program and integrate it into your ongoing sales efforts.  You have to be committed to its success by having a reliable contact at your company quickly respond to your consumers.

#4. Get your sales team on board and involved with your relationship marketing efforts.

Relationship Marketing - Steps 1 & 2

#1. Determine what action you want the recipient of your campaign(s) to take.

Design a marketing plan that will result in more people taking that action.  If you are using a service provider, ask them to help you define the action that you want in order for the campaign to be worth your investment.  Brainstorm on the most effective solutions

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