Marketing Strategy & Strategy Optimization

Marketing Strategy & Strategy Optimization

Media Budgeting

Business is business and it all boils down to what makes sense and cents. If you start buying advertising without setting sales goals or without measuring the results of what you are doing, you are shooting blindly without a target. The key to keeping within your budget is to set one with all your needs in mind. Whether you are starting a business or have been running one for 10 years or more, you need to budget in order to thrive. We can help you set sales budgets and measure whether or not they are realistic.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer SatisfactionIt is both easier and less expensive to maintain relationships with past customers and keep them coming back than to find new customers. You don’t have to choose one or the other, but if you did, always spend the time and invest in keeping the customers you have. Our customer satisfaction research has helped our clients not only increase their sales up to 30% a year but also keep ahead of customer demand by predicting the products and services they will need next.

Competitive Analysis

Everyone has a choice today, so why should they give you the business? Find out how your company is seen in the eyes of the target market. Who do they see as your top competitors? How do those companies present themselves to the marketplace and how can you position your company to best gain market share among those consumers. It all boils down to facts and our company has been objectively collecting those facts and presenting them to clients for over 20 years. Find out how you measure up.


SurveyThere are many ways to conduct a survey to learn more about your company or customers. However the key is how it is implemented and how the questions are posed and researched in order to control for variables that can skew your sample. It is also key to make sure the information is collected in a random method. Our company has been conducting customer surveys for companies since 1988.

Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

Quantitative methods are often seen as providing more representative, reliable and precise measures through focused hypotheses, measurement tools and applied mathematics. By contrast, qualitative data is usually difficult to graph or display in mathematical terms, but often used for policy and program evaluation research since it can answer certain important questions more effectively than quantitative approaches.

Advertising Vehicles in Greater LA

Select an option below to see a list of just some of the many advertising vehicles available in the Greater Los Angeles area.

AM Radio

Daily Newspapers

Direct Mail

FM Radio

Local Television

Miscellaneous Media

Online Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Photography & Videography

Before you shoot your product or service people, keep in mind the goals of the shoot.  At Tailor-Made Advertising, we know that you invest in photography, so it is important to make the most of the shoot by creating several images that can be used over time.  

New Media

From search engine marketing (SEO) to search engine marketing (SEM) to blogs, clouds and social media.

Boards of Realtors, Trade Fair & Collateral Advertising

City and State: 
South Bay Area, Los Angeles, CA
Annual Real Estate Trade Fair (12 years)
Target Market: 
Realtors and their vendors
Flyers & Marketing for booth sales, booth assignment, event planning, media ads, solicitation for door prizes, announcements, event management

Realtor Trade FairThe Boards of Realtors were faced with a reduction in their membership and a consolidation of the Board Regional Offices.  The problem was that many of the boards did not cooperate with each other and so they were not on board to consolidate.  The Regional Board President asked us to find a way to bring the group together.

City of Torrance Earth Day Brochure

City and State: 
Torrance, CA
Earth Day Information
Target Market: 
Residents of Torrance

Earth Day Brochure - Page 1Earth Day Brochure - Page 2Market research indicated that the public had little information about the steps they could take to change their homes to be more earth-friendly with water conservation, recycling and use of low-water gardening.

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