Marketing Strategy & Strategy Optimization

Marketing Strategy & Strategy Optimization

Your Advertising Team When You Need One

Tailor-Made Advertising is your advertising team when you need one and not on your payroll when you don't.

Since 1988 our company has helped small businesses in Greater Los Angeles and Orange County, California grow by maximizing their marketing budget using cost effective tools and careful monitoring. A Constant Contact Certified Local Expert and Award Winning Email Marketing Firm, Tailor-Made Advertising helps empower small business owners to grow their businesses and track their results. We use a media mix of digital and traditional as well as grassroots marketing tools to help companies grow using smarter marketing methods. We also provide on demand and group marketing training for non-profits and corporations as well as the SBDC, SBA, SCORE and many Chambers of Commerce & Associations.

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At Tailor-Made Advertising, we understand small business needs and have been counseling and media planning for business owners successfully since we started. Therefore, local media groups contact us daily with special offers and deals for our clients to stretch their budgets both online and traditionally. If you're challenged to expedite an effective media plan for your company this year, join the companies who have hired us and seen their marketing goals become a reality by having an advertising department when they need one, but not on their payroll when they don't. You can hire us on an hourly consulting basis or on a monthly fee depending on your needs.

In addition, we are a trusted and Awarding Winning Constant Contact Local Expert and Trainer, so we can help your organization use Social Media and Email Marketing as a cost effective and measurable media package. In fact, Constant Contact Trainers call Liz Harsch (Tailor-Made Advertising owner) "The Queen of Analytics". She knows that our company does not just talk the talk, but provides statistical proof when a program is working and when it is not, in order to improve it over time. Let us take your wish list and implement it, while you focus on your primary sales goals. Contact us for an appointment to learn more about our services.

If you are an association or company interested in educating a group of business owners or employees, we are Certified Presenters of Constant Contact's Social Media Made Simple, and Email Marketing Best Practices. The presentations are FREE and can be scheduled based on availability at your venue. Contact us to check our calendar and schedule an event for your organization.


If you have a goal but are not sure where to start, we can help you specify and budget your options to make the most of your advertising dollars. We work seamlessly as an extension of your company. Owners, Sales Managers and Marketing Directors love us. Find out why our clients rely on us to achieve their marketing goals. Put us on your ad team starting today!

Located in Torrance, we serve companies in the Greater Los Angeles area and the South Bay, including Carson, Gardena, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Rolling Hills Estates, El Segundo, Westchester, Inglewood, Compton, Long Beach, Lakewood, Bellflower, Culver City, Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles and surrounding areas.




Do Groupon, Living Social and other daily deal blogs work?

groupon logoIt definitely depends on your definition for success. This article shows three studies that seem to show the long term drawbacks of discount deals and the relationship between them and customer and advertiser loyalty. Take a look at the results and draw your own conclusions.

2011-2012 Marketing Check Up

The Marketing Doctor Is In!

Every year you go to the doctor to see how you're doing, but do you take the time to get a check up on your marketing program?

Competitive Intelligence - How Do You Measure Up?

Have you shopped your own product lately? Do you know what the competition is selling to the same market that you solicit? If you have not shopped your product this year, you need to check it out. The bottom line is that this year is unique, and your sales pitch needs to take that into consideration.

You have options when it comes to learning about how you measure up in today's market:

Ken Cranes, VIP Program

City and State: 
Locations throughout Greater LA
Home Entertainment
Target Market: 
In-Store & Website Visitors
In-Store & Online Promotion/Email Marketing

We established an in-store display that asked customers to sign up for our VIP email list and enter a drawing to win a free Blu-ray player. This allowed us to provide benefits to regular clients rewarded by entering a drawing to win a free Blu-ray player and followed up with our monthly VIP email offering specials and discounts. The VIP email list saved the client money on regular communications (much less than postage and print ads. We were also able to target them with specific offers as a preferred client.

Segment Marketing

Target market segmenting can be very cost-effective when you separate your potential and existing customer lists and target the message to motivate each segment individually.  If you don't think it really works, check out Meg Whitman's marketing campaign for California Governor.  She outspent every candidate who ever ran for office with $141 million of her own money.

Traditional Media

Newspapers & Traditional MediaNewsprint, magazines, radio, TV, direct mail and outdoor advertising are strong and delivering results. Many companies are finding that targeted traditional advertising is still reaching a demographic that has money today and is willing to spend it. Every day we get emails and calls from representatives with amazing last-minute details that enable our clients to get their message out to a desired demographic with an incredible ROI.

Bull Market in Advertising - Make the Most of It

There has never been a better time to negotiate with media than today. Here are a few tips on what you need to consider if you want to make the most of your budget:

Deals & Discounts

Because we have been buying media sine 1982, we constantly keep an eye on the going rate of advertising options from print to online. The formulas we use are about achievement and reaching the audience you want most at the lowest possible cost. But the key here is the target. We believe that the more we target your market the more efficient your buy. Media representatives love us because they can have a relationship with many customers when they present their best deal to us. You are part of a buying group when you work with our firm and that means the lowest price and a great result.

Media Buying & Negotiations

NegotiationsOur clients have limited budgets so it is important to make the most of them. We have been negotiating for over 20 years and work with resources who are experts in what they do. Therefore we can deliver a better value than you can negotiate on your own and help you implement that media with a stronger result by integrating marketing tools that reinforce that buy. Let us show you more at our next meeting.

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Serving the Greater Los Angeles area and the South Bay, including Carson, Gardena, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Rolling Hills Estates, El Segundo, Westchester, Inglewood, Compton, Long Beach, Lakewood, Bellflower, Culver City, Marina del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica, and surrounding areas.

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