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Torrance, CA
Plastic Surgery
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Women and Men 45+
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Website Performance Analytics

It doesn’t help your company if the traffic to your website leaves your site once they get there when they don’t see right away what they came to find at your website. To know how your website is performing it is important to analyze your website statistics. Some statistics are provide by your hosting service and others are available online with Google Analytics and a plethora of other free or paid services to get you more information about your website visitors.


Our tracking service gives you real time demographic reports on who is calling your business and who is visiting your website so you can drive your business with more purpose. The information will help your company see what your current marketing effort is pulling and also who they are and where they live. This in turn can result in an even more effective marketing program and/or survey that is more inclusive of your target market and implements a stronger strategic marketing effort.

ROI Analysis

Measurement is key to any good advertising and marketing campaign. And we put an emphasis on measuring leads and calls to your sold list and seeing if the consumers you are attracting are actually buying your service. If they are, you invest more in that medium. However if they are not, you may want to rethink your marketing plan.

Train Your Call Responders to Be Your Ambassadors

I am always amazed with how little receptionists and call handlers are trained, yet they are often the first and last person that the customer deals with at your company.  As a result, you may be sending the wrong impression to callers, and the truth is first impressions really count.  In fact, these days, they count even more because everyone is able to put on a good face online and in their materials.  But call handlers often fall short of those expectations.

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