Bull Market in Advertising - Make the Most of It

Aug-31-2010 02:26 pm

There has never been a better time to negotiate with media than today. Here are a few tips on what you need to consider if you want to make the most of your budget:

  1. Know what the market is paying and then work on a plan that helps you achieve the exposure you need at a price you can afford. Make sure that you get media kits and real numbers from recent sales since many publishers and media alternatives are wheeling and dealing way off their posted rates.
  2. Negotiate a deal that you can repeat with confidence. Whatever deal you work out needs to be one the media company can continue to offer you for longer than the first run. There is nothing more annoying than finding a media mix that works for you, and then having it rise significantly in price or that you could only get that deal once. The fact is, you need a sustainable advertising program so don’t just look at the cost per thousand or the outgoing expense as a one time shot. Any media plan worth having needs to be sustainable.
  3. Measure the campaign before and after you roll it out so you can isolate the impact that adding that medium had on your sales. Start with measuring the action that you want taken when your campaign is successful and log it next to the frequency of that action before, during and after your campaign. You will not only learn from your efforts, but you can also improve those efforts once you have a baseline result. If the campaign does not achieve your goals share that with the media team and ask them for more.
  4. Make sure that you consider the creative as part of the cost of the ad. Don’t short-change that part. Whether you select online, social media or traditional media, you need motivate your buyers to take an action and put that sale in your hands. That means a well thought out campaign that grabs them in their tracks and provides them with what they are looking for (not just what you are trying to get them to buy). Your marketing strategy has never been so important. Rise above the noise then get their contact information into your hand. Their attention span is short so make the most of that first impression. Make sure that you look like the kind of company they want to do business with (ex. Professional, cheap, good, low class, expensive) you only have a second or two so do it right.

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