Google AdWords & Paid Search Campaigns

Most consumers do a lot of research before making major purchases. While many companies will promise that they can get you to the top of the organic and paid search, you will need to be wary as many of those companies do not deliver those results over time and/or the quality of the visitor is not your target market. You want to attract genuine leads - not just click-throughs.

Paid search is when you bid on a keyword within a search engine site like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You will win the bid if your bid is the highest at the time of the search and if the searcher meets your criteria (demographic information you provide to the service). However if your website does not have content that supports the keywords you bid on, visitors will leave your site and the referral site will consider your site irrelevant to that keyword the next time the word shows up in a search. That is because the search engine will get a bad reputation if they deliver visitors to websites that visitor’s feel mislead them. So it is important that you make sure your landing page supports the keyword you are purchasing and would be considered relevant for those searchers.

In addition to paid search there are many options for online advertising – from sponsoring a website that your target market is likely to visit, to re-tracking a visitor who has visited your website in the past to other sites that they frequent. You can even target specific neighborhoods and events to make your logo and company name seem to appear everywhere when in fact it is just following your target market.

At Tailor-Made Advertising, we do not make guaranteed claims on keyword search results, but we strategize and provide our clients with evidence that we deliver results for your budget. That is because if you just bid on keywords and don't have a plan to determine if buyers are responding to your ad, you are likely to spend money without a subsequent increase in your leads or sales. A good media planner knows that they must provide you with information about the individuals that are coming to your site and if they are staying there or leaving as soon as they click on your keyword. Online ads need to be selective and traceable so you can know if your money is working for you.

Let Tailor-Made Advertising design a keyword and/or online media plan for you, including a tracking plan to show you where your leads are paying off. Email us and let us tell you what we can do for you.


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