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Our monthly newsletter is designed to get marketing managers and business owners thinking of better ways to market their companies in today's climate. The key is to constantly look at new ideas and keep apprised of how marketing dollars can be used today to help you to meet your goals each month.

As the recession ends, it is imperative for companies to re-define their efforts and focus on what they can do to improve their market share. One benefit of every economic slow down is that companies trim their fat and focus on their core market. This repositions them to benefit as the market recovers.

Our goal is to get you thinking about the marketing efforts you are currently making and what you need to change to help your company thrive today. Review past copies of our newsletter here.

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2016 Advertising - Sent January 2016 Four steps to update your 2016 marketing program, plus January workshops. 

Year End Marketing - Sent December 2015 Tips on how to wrap up your 2015 marketing efforts, plus December workshops. 

Holiday Marketing - Sent November 2015 Holiday Thank You tips and how to maximize holiday promotions, plus November workshops.

Grow Your Business - Sent October 2015 Great tips on how to grow your business and online/offline marketing tips, plus October workshops.

End the 4th Quarter with a Bang - Sent September 2015 Tips on how to reach your fundraising goals for 2015, plus September workshops. 

Checking Your Online Stats and Results - Sent August 2015 Learn how to use your online stats to help you plan your next online marketing campaign, plus August workshops.

6 Month Check Up - Sent July 2015 Tips on how to make the most of the rest of 2015 and how to increase sales and business growth, plus July workshops. 

Time Saving Tools - Sent June 2015 Tools for more effective online marketing and how to get started on Twitter, plus June workshops. 

Marketing Tips - Sent May 2015 Tips on how to measure your results and what steps you should take next, plus May workshops.

Social Media Tips - Send April 2015 How to get started building your Social Media presence, plus April workshops. 

Online Alternative Advertising - Sent March 2015 Tips on how to rock the first quarter of the year, plus March workshops.

Content Marketing: It'a All About the Words - Sent February 2015 Content Marketing, Pinterest, and Holiday Promotion tips, plus February Workshops

Rock Your 2015 - Sent January 2015 Tips to Jumpstart your 2015 Marketing Goals, plus January workshops.

Year End Marketing To Do's - Sent December 2014 Social Media tips and 2015 Marketing goals plus workshops to grow your business.

Holiday Marketing Tools - Sent November 2014 Holiday Thank You tips and how to maximize your Holiday emails and promotions. Plus November Workshops.

Effective Campaign Tips - Sent October 2014 Tips on recent changes on social media and how to rock the end of the year to achieve your goals using promotions, email and social media together +October Workshops.

4th Quarter Social & Sales Tips & Workshops - Sent September 2014 Some 4th quarter strategies that work and free upcoming workshops for September.

Tips for Pinterest, Social Media & Training - Sent August 2014 How to use Pinterest to grow your business and how to grow your email marketing list plus Pinterest bootcamp.

Facebook Changes plus FREE July Workshops - Sent July 2014 Facebook business page changes and 10 ways social media can grow your business plus Free July workshops.

Social Media and Online Marketing Changes - Sent June 2014 Keep up to date on Social Media and Online Marketing changes for 2014.

Free Social Media Guide - Sent May 2014  Keep up with social media and how to use it for your business with a free guide and see recent social media changes you need to know.

Information on Pinterest - Sent April 2014  Information on using Pinterest, the number one direct response social media platform, for your business. Also, measuring your social media and online efforts and setting sales and marketing goals.

Social Media Tips - Sent March 2014  Free tips on YouTube, LInkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. And more, including the importance of having a mobile site.

Checklist to Analyze 2013 - Sent February 2014  Checklist to analyze 2013 and check to see if you achieved your goals as well as plan for 2014.

Marketing Tools for the New Year - Sent January 2014  Tools for the New Year to help you with your Marketing plan!

Successful Holiday Promotions – Sent December 2013 Successful Holiday Promotions guide and free workshops for December 2013.

Rock Your Holiday Marketing Program Online & Offline – Sent November 2013 Why holiday marketing matters to every company or organization plus November workshops.

Marketing Tips – Sent October 2013 Marketing To-Do List and 10 tips to designing your mobile website.

Results Guaranteed Marketing Tips – Sent September 2013 Marketing tips on Gmail’s email organization changes, mobile friendly websites and Google Analytics.

Pump up Your Marketing – Sent August 2013 Back to Marketing School and a List of Results Guaranteed To Do's.

July Tips To End the Year with a Bang – Sent July 2013 Six-month checklist and Text to Join setup.

7 Tips To Grow Your Business - Sent June 2013 Tips to grow your business plus June workshops.

5 Great Tips To Grow Your Business – Sent May 2013 Tips to help grow your sales and achieve your goals.

Navigating Your Marketing Options – Sent April 2013 Learn how to measure your results.

Planning Tools, Tips & Free Workshops – Sent March 2013 Downloadable marketing worksheet to evaluate your current marketing plan.

February's Navigating Your Marketing Options – Sent February 2013 Analytics Bootcamp and 10 Strategies to Social Media Success.

Marketing Tips For 2013 – Sent January 2013 Free Checklist to help you with your Email Marketing Campaigns in 2013.

Marketing Tips To End 2012 BIG – Sent December 2012 Twitter profile updates and marketing workshops.

Pump Up Your Marketing – Sent October 2012 Social media tips and tricks plus workshops.

Marketing tips & Free Workshops – Sent September 2012 Tips to improve your facebook page.

Rock Your Social Media – Sent August 2012 Special Rock Your Social Media event and LinkedIn updates.

Pinterest Tips and FREE July Workshops - Sent 07/11/12  Today's business owners need to decide where to put their resources as we move from a surviving business to thriving. So here are a few tips to help you navigate the waters.

Free Summer Workshops and 7 Tips. - Sent 05/31/12  The exciting news is that we are constantly learning while teaching businesses to thrive using traditional, social media and email marketing. The key to media mixing these elements to your company is to make sure you use these tips.

May Workshops and How to Find New Business with Existing Contacts - Sent 05/08/12  A few tips on finding new business with your existing contacts.

A few tips for New Facebook Layout and Upcoming Events - Sent 04/04/12  Information on changing your Facebook page for the new layout and upcoming social media and email marketing events.

March Marketing Tips & FREE Workshops (Social Media & Email Marketing -  Sent 03/09/12  Advice on target marketing and email list segmentation in addition to other marketing goals to focus on in the first quater.

Email Marketing Tips for 2012 - Sent 12/14/11 Follow up tips from our Email Marketing Event with advice on growing your list and getting started for 2012.

FREE Marketing Budget Tool for 2012 Planning - Sent 12/01/11  As you get ready to change up your marketing program for the new year. Use this FREE marketing tools and other tips on evaluating your past year and planning for more of what is working in 2012.

Email Bootcamp and Presentation in Torrance - Sent 11/03/11 Come to our presenation with Constant Contact and SCORE on Email Marketing and stay for our handson training to help you create effective email marketing.

Logo Design & Defining Marketing Goals - Sent 10/20/11 Before you start any advertising program or design project, clearly define your marketing goals to accomplish the most with your efforts. See how well the process works in this example of a logo design and evoution.

Put LinkedIn To Work For You - Sent 9/21/11 LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. Learn about all the features it offers and how you can use those to help grow your business contacts and reputation.

Social Networks & Your Marketing Plan - Sent 8/17/11 A brief overview of the most popular social networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube - and how your presence on each of them can help your business.

Social Media Presentation & Facebook Bootcamp Event - Sent 7/14/11 Join Constant Contact and Business Partner Tailor-Made Advertising at this social media workshop on August 3rd in Torrance. Expert instructors provide real-life examples of social media campaigns and recommendations for getting you started. Bring your laptop for the afternoon session and get hands-on help getting started with your Facebook page for your business.

Six-Month Marketing Check Up - Sent 6/23/11 We provide a handy tool to see where your company stands halfway through 2011.

Turning Email Marketing into Sales - Sent 5/12/11 It is important to integrate your email marketing message with your website, directing recipients to do what you want them to do or learn what you think is most important. Here are some example steps of connecting your efforts.

Developing Creative Ad Content - Sent 4/13/11 Working with our advertisers, we always start with highlighting what they do differently from their competitors. Here are a few tips to achieve your goals.

Special Offers for March! - Sent 3/17/11 Through 3/31, get a FREE email marketing template customized to match your website! Or get 20% off copywriting services for your emails or 20% off a Constant Contact training session.

Are You Making The Most of Your Facebook Page? - Sent 3/4/11 Facebook is not only the biggest social network, it's the fastest growing. It's easy to use, but can be confusing to start. Here is some advice and some terminology to get you started.

Competitive Intelligence - How Do You Measure Up? - Sent 2/3/11 Market research strategies to get the scoop on your competition and the perceptions of your company from your past and potential customers.

Ad Strategies You'll Want to Use in 2011 - Sent 1/6/2011 A look back at some of the topics we've covered and an opportunity to give us feed back about what topics you'd like to see covered.

How to Set Your 2011 Marketing Budget - Sent 12/8/10 Tips on setting your budget and your sales goals for 2011 as you recover from the recession.

Your Advertising Program & 2011: What's Right for Your Business? - Sent 11/10/10  A few things to consider when putting together your marketing plan for next year in order to keep up with the competition and get the most out of your budget.

Are You Making the Most of Your Customer List? - Sent 10/7/10  Reaching out to your existing customers is enormously beneficial to maintaining your business and getting the most from your marketing effort.  Here are some cost-effective ways of reaching out to your existing customers, and things to keep in mind while implementing them.

Email Campaigns that Get Results - Sent 9/8/10  If you are thinking of implementing an email campaign, there are a few steps you'll want to take to make the most of your efforts. Address these issues before you send your next email campaign, and you will see a stronger result.

Are You Marketing to Team Decision Making? - Sent 8/5/10  Women often do most of the research before making a joint decision with their partners.  Are your promotional materials getting their attention?

Help Us Get You The Information You Want - Sent 7/7/10  Participate in a survey about what you want to see in our newsletters. Questions about different aspects of marketing?  Ask them here!

What Is Relationship Marketing? - Sent 6/2/10  5 steps for success with relationship marketing in areas including social media, email marketing, and customer service.

Marketing to Generations X & Y - Sent 4/29/10  Did you know that Gen X is turning 45? And Generation Y ("Millennials") has more people in its population than the 20 years of baby boomers? Tips on how best to market to this huge demographic.

Train Your Call Responders To Be Your Ambassadors - Sent 3/31/10  The people who answer your calls are your customers' first impression of your company.  Make sure they're making your company look its best.

Can You Sell To The Government? - Sent 3/2/10  Local governments often grant huge projects to small local businesses.  Find out how to get your company's products or services on their radars.

Change Your Packaging To Meet Today's Demand - Sent 2/3/10  Look for what the market needs today, and give the consumer what they want.

2010: The Year To Begin Again - Sent 1/7/10  Take advantage of the recession by reinventing your company's image.

Prime Time Women - 11/20/09  Women make over 80% of household buying decisions.  Learn about the characteristics of that market and make sure you're utilizing them in your advertising.

Romance The Baby Boomers & Win Big In Sales - Sent 10/22/09  Baby boomers have the highest education and income of any previous demographic.  Find out about them and why they're worth marketing to.

Is It Time To Turn The Recession Into Recovery? - Sent 9/16/09  Yes!  Maximize your limited budget by instituting ad tracking and monitoring your ROI.  Here are more tips on how to make sure you're getting the most out of your ad dollars.

New Media Mixing - Sent 8/27/09  Make the most of social networks and online media and integrate "new media" campaigns with traditional advertising.

Paid Search Campaigning 101 - Sent 7/9/09  Get the most out of paid search campaigns by selecting the right keywords, presenting the most effective text ads, and targeting the right users.

Do You Know Your Current & Future Customers? - Sent 6/17/09  Use extensive market research to find out how your previous and current customers found you, what they think of you, and what keeps them coming back to attract new customers and retain old.

Is Your Website Bringing You Business? - Sent 1/29/09  Questions to ask yourself in order to create an effective website and how to monitor its success.

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