Media Planning

Media Planning StrategyHow Can You Plan Your Media Costs Efficiently?

Whether you are using traditional or new media, the key to getting the most from your advertising dollars is to budget wisely, just like any other part of your business. You have a message that you want to get to the largest number of people who meet your target population and stay within your budget. Budget too small and you will misjudge the media results, which may have been better had you spent enough to make it work. Budget too much and you will know that part of your advertising dollars are working but the other parts are wasteful and could be better spent in another media selection. 

Today the average consumer is not as easy to pinpoint.  Therefore you need to be in more places in order to get your message out to the same amount of consumers you did five years ago.  Network TV is being flanked by cable & online media. Online search reaches your market since they are already researching products and services. So how is a business to go about deciding the right amount with the right media? The key is to develop a media mix and touch the target consumers 7 times or more. Then budget some of your money for your secondary market or your commercial market so that collectively your message is received and reinforced without spending a fortune.  

At Tailor-Made, we work hard to maximize your budget and to provide you with choices and a way to measure the results. There is a way to have accountable advertising expenditures and it starts with setting a goal and a measurement tool to evaluate the success of the program.  Today, even the largest companies are seeking the same type of accountability that we have provided smaller businesses with for over 20 years. Let us help you reach your sales goals with a plan that delivers.

Integrating New Media - The Message Comes Together

Since today no advertising vehicle works alone, it is more important than ever to reinforce your brand in every vehicle you use. Websites are accessed 24/7, so it is key that your image and messages are consistent and reinforced on your website. Ads should show your target market a crystal clear message on your benefits, as well as any events or promotions you are trying to communicate.

Not all media is alike, so it is important when you design your communication that your products and services are tied together, where the look and feel of your company is clear to all. This is why the copywriter, art director and web designer need to work together as a unified team. It is our job to bring those groups together and to keep an eye on the big picture and your marketing goals. Money can be saved and miscommunication avoided when the team is united by an experienced leader who is strong in marketing.

Let us provide you with an estimate on your next project: Brochure, Advertisement, Logo, Photography, Videographer, Newsletter, Online Banner or Tower ads, Webmercial, Website Images and Design, Radio Production, Stationary, Booth Design, Signage, Billboards, Truck Signage, Direct Mail, Newsprint Ads, Yard Signs and other physical collateral.

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